How to Use the Nose to Tail Tool

1. Register for an accountregistration

*Please make sure to review our Terms of Use

Once you are approved you will receive an email notification indicating that your account is ready to use.

2. Start your Innovation Project

a) Click on My Innovations then in the left panel click on “Add New Innovation”

b) Complete the “Add New Innovation” form

NI2 (2)

*At this point you may also choose to share the tool with other collaborators in the project such as end users and decision makers. You can invite them to view and edit the questions in the tool related to this innovation. If you do not add collaborators now you can still add them in the future.

3. Determine what stage your innovation is at

howto1After you create a new innovation project, the first step is to determine what stage your innovation is currently at. In order to do this, you wil be forwarded directly to the staging questions from the first column (you will not see the NTT grid right away).  If you answer “Yes” to all of the staging questions of a particular stage, you’re probably past that stage and you will be taken to the next row (Down column 1 – i.e. from 1- Identify the Problem to 2-Develop the Innovation). If you answer “No” or “Unsure” to any of the staging questions then you’re most likely at that stage and will be directed to complete the questions in that row (Across Column 1 – ie. you answer no to one of the staging questions in 1- Identfy the Problem so you are directed to the right in

When you first create a project, our software directs you appropriately in order to facilitate this process. However if you don’t want to answer all of the questions at a certain stage, you can always click the “Back to Grid” button to see the NTT grid for your innovation. In order to go back to the staging questions of a particular stage, all you need to do is to click on the name of the stage.

4. How it Works

howto5When you’re on the project screen, just click on the icons to see and answer the questions of that cell.




Answer the questions in the cell. If you click “Save and Continue” you’ll be redirected to the next column in that stage. For instance, if you’ve just answered the questions in the “Physical and Social Environment” column, you’ll be redirected to the questions in the “Health System” column. If you click “Save and Back to Grid” you’ll go back to the grid.

5. Work together

The NTT makes collaboration between different stakeholders easy. You can invite others to view and edit your NTT project grid for your innovation at any time, both when creating your innovation project, or after.

collaborator (2)

When you finish answering all of the questions in a certain cell of the project grid, you’re going to see a checkmark which tells everyone contributing to the project that cell is completed.









All the answers you record in each cell can be seen (and printed) by clicking the “Stage Overview” buttons in the project grid. If 2 or 3 people answer the same question differently all of the answers will be recorded and time-stamped in the stage summary section so everyone in the project can follow each other’s work easily.

sum button (2)

summary page

4) Complete a stage, move on to the next one

When all the questions of a stage are answered, you’re going to see a checkmark for the stage in the last column. Congratulations, you’re ready to advance to the next stage in your innovation.

sum (2)

5) Send us a note

Help us making this tool better by sending your feedback. Just click on the “Feedback” button on the main menu and let us know what we’re doing right or wrong and what needs to be added to the Nose-to-Tail tool.