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About the NTT

The Nose to Tail Tool (NTT) offers innovation teams, innovators and the essential stakeholders including end users and decision makers, a guide to:

  • identify what stage in the process their idea/innovation is at;
  • identify considerations that should be made at each stage by each stakeholder; and
  • identify the contextual barriers that could hinder an innovation’s success, which should be addressed prior to moving forward

Other potential uses of the NTT which are being tested include:

  • Portfolio staging of innovations
  • Assessment tool for decision makers and funders

The NTT is a comprehensive and consistent way of thinking of the entire innovation process with the belief that if you consider the end stages from the beginning you are more likely to achieve institutionalization. This tool helps innovation teams to identify barriers, both those that can be overcome, and those that cannot, early in the innovation process, giving teams an opportunity to re-design the innovation at an early stage, or the opportunity to cease work on the project before too many resources have been invested.